FICANEX is deeply rooted in the Canadian payments industry, and we have the experience to show for it. We take pride in knowing that our financial institutions count on us to support them as they move through the new age of banking.

FICANEX Now and Then


SendGlobal, the first tunl. service, goes live with FirstWest and Blueshore as champions.


The development of the tunl. platform is completed.


FICANEX Technology Limited Partnership is formed with 29 innovative Canadian financial institutions.


THE EXCHANGE Network releases a solution that brings surcharge-free PIN change, cash advance, and balance inquiries to member credit cards.


THE EXCHANGE Network becomes Canada’s largest surcharge-free ATM network.


FICANEX successfully implements a proprietary AID, strategically positioning the network for future industry changes.


FICANEX Services Limited Partnership is formed by a collaborative group of credit unions and banks, securing the use of THE EXCHANGE Network brand in Canada.


First international inter-institutional debit ATM transaction is completed.


Two Limited Partnerships, 100% owned by Canadian financial institutions.